Lift Team/Coach

Lift Team/Coach


The evidence to support the introduction of a Lift Team to reduce the incidence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) in healthcare workers is decisive.

Defined as:

“a dedicated group of individuals whose role is to support the clinical staff  through the provision of a safe patient handling & movement service across selected clinical areas within the facility”*

Visioning HealthCare’s consulting services includes a comprehensive package that can assist you with setting up a lift team/lift coach program in your organization as:

  • Your preferred approach to addressing the hazards associated with lifting, transferring, and repositioning patients in your facility
  • An integral part of your SPHM program, focusing on particular high risk client groups such as those found in ICU, or bariatric patients
  • Or as a transitional approach using Lift Coaches to support the education of clinical staff during the programs implementation.

Our lift team services include:

  • Job descriptions for lift coaches/team members
  • Assistance with recruiting lift coaches/team members
  • Initial and ongoing training that focuses on the specific challenges within different clinical care areas
  • SPHM policies and procedures for the lift coaches/team members and other clinical staff
  • Recommendations for equipment needs and placement
  • Criteria for calling the lift coach/team member
  • An evaluation strategy that will demonstrate a return on investment in direct and indirect costs.
  • Ongoing support to the lift team leader/SPHM Facility Coordinator
  • SPHM training and competency assessment for clinical staff to support the work of the lift coach/team member.

Visioning HealthCare can also work with you to develop a business case to obtain the funding required for lift team implementation and develop a comprehensive plan that meets the funding and timeline for your organization.


To find out more about the services VHC offers for Lift Team/Lift Coach implementation, email or call 941-907-3268.

*Monaghan, H. (2011). Getting Started/Restarted with Safe Patient Handling and Movement. Sarasota, FL: Visioning Publishers LLC.