Sarah Thomas, BA, ABA

Sarah Thomas has been in the marketing field for over 12 years. She graduated Cum Laude from The University of West Florida with a Bachelors degree in Communication Arts and a minor in Psychology. She received both a Gold and Silver ADDY Award for Creative Excellence at the local level in 2004.

Sarah has designed a wide variety of print and web materials that have increased customer awareness and loyalty. She has an ability to interpret what clients want and combine it with what they need to produce polished, powerful advertising campaigns. In addition to design work, Sarah was in the medical sales field for 3 years before coming to Visioning HealthCare, so she has a diverse knowledge base of the healthcare industry. Sarah also holds an associate degree in Business Administration.

As Visioning HealthCare's Director of Marketing, Sarah is responsible for updating the image of the company and making sure it reflects the innovative direction in which it is moving. She is in charge of creating all of the promotional materials for Visioning HealthCare and works with the President of the company to produce print ready files for any clinical marketing pieces for which they are commissioned. Sarah designs the Safety First magazine that Visioning HealthCare distributes, and she is also in charge of designing for and maintaining the website.

Sarah is also the Art Director for the American Journal of Safe Patient Handling & Mobility which launched in March 2011.