Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Our highly recommended 360 degree patient handling and mobility risk assessment will identify

  • the cultural barriers and facilitators that can support or sabotague the journey toward a safer patient handing and mobility culture;
  • the environmental and patient handling risks that will determine the type, location, and quantity of equipment needed; and
  • where you need to spend your money to maximize your return on investment.

Our vendor neutral risk assessment consists of 3 phases:
1.  Pre-site data collection
2.  Onsite stakeholder engagement and environmental hazard assessment
3.  Data and gap analysis


At the end of the risk assessment you will have

  • a blue print for your equipment
    capitol spend over 1, 2, and 3 years;
  • an evaluation strategy where you already have a baseline upon which to measure your ROI;
  • a guideline for complete program implementation and staff education; and
  • a clear pathway to make sure your program stays on track.


expertadviceHaving an independent risk assessment can save you tens of thousands of dollars in avoiding equipment purchase mistakes!

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