Program Implementation

SPHM Program Implementation


We don’t just believe in implementing a SPHM program, we believe in creating a culture of safety in which SPHM exists.

The formula for our program success is simple.



This leads to the development of personal accountability, the utilization of equipment, and joint ownership of the change.

After you have had a risk assessment (which we can provide) and chosen your equipment (we will work with any vendor) our 4 step program is all about

  1. Establishing effective program leadership through mentoring and sustainable project management skills.
  2. Creating a support structure which will take you to long term sustainability- whether it be unit based peer leaders, lift coaches, lift teams or a hybrid of more than one.
  3. Empowering  your staff  with the skills to keep themself and their patient safe.
  4. Evaluating your success in ways that are motivational to all involved with the program.

createacultureWe work with you in achieving your patient and staff safety goals, and show you how to utilize SPHM in your Magnet application and reaccreditation.

Our SPHM is evidenced based, our company ANCC accredited, our program proven to provide you with a tangible ROI.