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Pilot Program

 Safe Patient Handling & Movement Pilot Program

businesscase-imageVHC works with you to select one area in your facility to pilot your safe patient handling program and turn around the costs associated with patient lifting and handling injuries in that location.

Our pilot program includes:

  • Unit risk assessment identify risks and start the culture change process.
  • Equipment selection – identify new needs and utilize existing equipment
  • Equipment training – on equipment that addresses the actual risks identified
  • Competency assessment –coach staff at the bedside 24/7
  • Outcomes measurement – demonstrate the impact on staff and patient outcomes

Most important of all, we provide you with a comprehensive business case and all the other tools you need  to make your case to the C-suite for further funding and roll out to other units.

Don't have the equipment for a pilot program? We can help with that to.


With our all inclusive fixed fee there are no surprises, except the positive results you will see.