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We provide a continuum of educational opportunities that ensures your program is sustainable- even when we are not there.

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Our blended learning opportunities are designed to meets the needs of all learning styles and generational groups. They include

  • Coaching clinical staff  24/7 so no time is lost, and no need for them to leave the floor
  • Convenient modular online learning - ensuring continuous access to training opportunities
  • Customized 'in person' workshops that are interactive, stimulating, and experiential-
  • Mandatory annual online workshops that focus on what matters - equipment and sling safety
  • Professional and subject specific training modules including physical therapy and bariatrics

Our unique SPHM continuum of learning ensures all your staff, whatever their discipline , and however long they have worked in your organization, receive the training and education they need to be safe.

New to leading an SPHM program?

Visit our Effective Leadership page and discover opportunities to help you implement a SPHM program that works.


Our educational opportunities are outcomes based, make a difference to the quality and safety of the care you provide, and demonstrate an ROI.

Our multi-professional educators have an unpresidented level of expertise in SPHM, leadership and creating a culture of safety.


Visioning HealthCare is the only SPHM program implementation company in the USA accredited by the ANCC to be able to offer contact hours for nurses.