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Safe Patient Handling & Mobility

We maximize your return on investment bysphslideimage2resize

  • utilizing existing resources;
  • making sure you only purchase what you actually need;
  • integrating SPHM goals with quality outcome measures;
  • engaging staff and increasing buy in from the start; and
  • tracking data that demonstrates success.

Not every healthcare facility requires the same level of program support which is why we customize our approach to meet your needs, not ours or the equipment vendors. Our 4-phase program is simple, inclusive and provides results.

VHC is the leader in SPHM education and the only company in this field that holds ANCC accreditation as a provider of continuing nursing education.


VHC consultants – all of whom have clinical patient care experience and truly understand the needs of the direct caregiver – work closely with your clinical managers and frontline staff as well as your leaders in wound care, infection control, falls, bariatrics, risk management, and quality to ensure safe patient handling is integrated into your culture of safety and priority outcome measures.

Our all inclusive, evidence-based  approach provides a cost effective and dignified solution to the challenges associated with patient handling. Whether you require a full program, advice on what to do next, or the tools to help you become successful we can offer you what you need.

Need help with making a case for SPHM? We can help you with that to.

Download our SPHM brochure here.