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Our organization used Heather Monaghan with Visioning HealthCare as a consultant to assist us in developing a plan to initiate Safe Patient Handling. We were impressed at Heather’s ability to converse with all levels of staff about the purpose of her visit to our hospital, but also to tailor her queries of the knowledge and understanding the staff had about Safe Patient Handling practices. Her professional demeanor and non-judgmental approach made everyone feel comfortable in her presence.


The debriefing Heather delivered at the end of three very long days of assessment included a summary of her method of data collection, reflection on her impression of staff understanding of the initiative and when to expect the written report.


The written report we received was comprehensive and detailed for each unit in our hospital and offered an overview of common situations that occurred throughout the organization. The report also included a three year plan with expected expenses for priority purchase that would best benefit our patients and staff.


Our experience with Visioning HealthCare was positive and well worth the cost. We definitely plan to continue to use their services.

Palmira Good, MSN, CNE, Director of the Center for Innovation

Heather was fantastic! Her straightforward presentations brought passion, vision and clarity to our conference participants. The “buzz” following our conference was palpable. Not only did Heather provide expert content as a credible nursing colleague, but she was invaluable in helping us plan and organize the conference content. The feedback from our sessions confirmed the presenters related to the audience and communicated effectively the essentials of safe patient handling. Heather draws on a fund of knowledge which few possess to create persuasive support for a culture of safety.

Merl Miller, CIE, Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Specialist

As Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is working on safe patient handling and movement projects, we have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Visioning HealthCare in Consultation. The customer service from initial telephone contact to follow through on next step items has been nothing short of spectacular.

Sandy Stutzman, RN, Employee Health and Safety Manager

Our Safe Patient Handling and Movement committee was looking for a speaker that could help us launch our Safe Patient Handling and Movement program. We wanted to share the vision and provide information to our managers and clinicians on the evidence based practice behind the program. Heather was invited to speak. Heather gave a very effective, thought provoking presentation on the challenges faced by nursing leaders and the evidence based practice. To say she understood our requirements and her message resonated with the team would be an understatement. Personally and professionally, I believe everyone walked away with a clear understanding of the evidence behind Safe Patient Handling and Movement in clinical practice. Heather’s unique presentation style was informative, thought provoking, and can only have encouraged those present to be even more proactive. We were very pleased with the success of the event.

Colleen Burgio, RN, COHN-S, Manager, Occupational Health Services