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Implementation of a safe patient handling program can be very overwhelming so the services offered by Visioning HealthCare have become invaluable. Whether conducting risk assessments, organizing a peer leader program, or providing support and education to the SPH Program Coordinators, VHC staff are always available to answer questions or offer professional guidance. In the last three years, with their assistance, work-related injuries due to lifting/repositioning have been significantly reduced. This was beyond our expectations not only in terms of cost savings but time. As a healthcare organization we could not be more satisfied with their SPH Program services.

SPH Program Coordinator, 500-Bed Acute Care Hospital

I am delighted to provide a reference for Heather Monaghan, RN, MHSc, and Visioning HealthCare, Inc. Ms. Monaghan provided high quality educational and consultative services for developing the competencies of our nursing leadership team in 2009. Most recently, her services supported our goals to enhance the employee and patient safety of our workplace related to safe patient handling and movement.


Ms. Monaghan developed a comprehensive approach to assess our organization's commitment to a safe workplace for patient handling and movement. During this process, she requested and analyzed our risk management data. This data overviewed our experiences for staff injury. She gathered additional data using surveys completed by our Nurse Managers. She also elicited survey data from nurses and others at the point of care. In April 2010, she visited each patient care area, including our diagnostic units. She educated, engaged, and energized our staff and leaders during her onsite consultations. Perhaps one of her greatest talents was her ability to engage staff in this critical program.


Her written summary and recommendations reflected an individual acknowledgement of risks and potential benefits; recommendations were prioritized based upon our needs, injury experience, and patient populations. Although early in our safe patient handling journey, her guidance is leading our planning activities. Ms. Monaghan's consultation was evaluated by our Employee Safety Task Force as "high-value", "cost-effective", and "essential to our ongoing Magnet journey". Her recommendations provided the clarity and strategic direction for our three-year planning.

Andrea Kaye Hixon, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Administrative Vice President,

The risk assessment our facility received from the Visioning HealthCare team was absolutely integral to the foundation of our Safe Patient Handling program. Heather Monaghan was able to work with our facility to assess the specific areas we were ready to address and made recommendations for our facility to help us determine what interventions would be essential to our success as well as recommendations as to what would be ideal for our facility. With this information we were able to create the best program possible within our budget constraints. Heather was also able to offer helpful procedural suggestions to promote the success of the initiation of our program. Heather was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and interacted well with both our floor staff and our managerial staff. We would highly recommend the services of her company, Visioning HealthCare.

Gayla Huffman, BSN, RN, CPN, Staff RN, Evidenced Based Practice Committee Chair

Monies are tight for all hospitals and UAMS Medical Center is no exception. Visioning HealthCare understood our limitations and presented realistic phasing of functional adjustments and program development. The committee can now plan a timeline specific to our clinical and financial needs because of the information we received. I am also sharing the information with our vendors so they can assist in developing the plans forward.


I highly recommend Visioning HealthCare Incorporated because they listen and respond to your needs, are knowledge of the industry, are aware of the federal regulations currently and pending, and will partner with your company/hospital to move the plans forward in future consultation(s).

Glenn Ballard, Director