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Leading an Empowered Organization


leaders-at-all-levelsAttended by over 100,000 participants, Leading an Empowered Organization (LEO) is one of the most exciting and inspirational leadership programs available in the USA. LEO engages participants to support and develop a culture of openness, trust, support, and respect. LEO empowers leaders to empower others. LEO underpins the elements required for a successful shared governance structure, or the development of a culture of safety, where individual and team growth is encouraged, critical thinking is promoted, and ideas and solutions embraced.


LEO enables novice and experienced leaders alike to deepen their understanding of what it is to be an empowered leader.

It is suitable for all individuals who are in a position to lead others including

  • staff who demonstrate natural leadership qualities,
  • team leaders,
  • nurse/unit managers,
  • project managers,
  • charge nurses,
  • departmental directors, and
  • senior executives.

LEO is not just for nurses or therapists. Physicians, security staff, and chaplains, to name but a few, have all attended LEO and have praised the impact attendance had on how they will lead in the future. Even whole project teams have attended in order for the concepts underpinning LEO, including individual and group accountability, to be immediately applied to their work. It provides the skills that enable the development of fresh solutions to care delivery to meet the goals of Joint Commission, HCAPs, and NDNQI benchmarks as well as developing a workforce that feels more empowered in their day to day work. In fact, 100% of those who attended a LEO delivered by Visioning HealthCare stated it would impact the way they would lead.

Over three days, participants learn what it takes to be an effective leader and are effectiveleaderexposed to a variety of leadership concepts and reflective experiences:

  • Working in a decentralized way within a centralized organization
  • Articulating expectations for group and individual performance
  • Creating ownership through responsibility, authority, and accountability
  • Exploring areas of vulnerability and challenge experienced by leaders
  • Adopting a non-punitive approach to mistakes
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Creating an action plan developed through consensus and engagement

Contact Hours: 19.5


To speak to a LEO facilitator or for more information on how the LEO program can help you achieve your organizational goals, email info@visioninghealthcare.com or call 941-907-3268.

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Leading an Empowered Organization



"I had many “lightbulb” moments that I hope will help me to change some things about myself and my ability to be a leader. I thought the entire class was wonderful and I appreciate your time to teach and facilitate our learning. I hope you will be able to teach the workshop to more of our staff so we can begin to change our culture. Your career in nursing has truly inspired me and given me goals to aspire to as I am in the beginning stages of my career. Thank you again for the valuable and meaningful material you shared, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future!"
-Feedback on our lead LEO facilitator, Heather Monaghan

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