Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Continuing education is exactly that…….continuing.

The diversity of approaches we use to meet the learning styles and generational needs of nurses and other healthcare professionals, is our commitment to the lifelong learning of all those who participate in our educational opportunities.

practicalOur focus is on patient and staff safety, for staff at the bedside to the most senior manager. Our education is  designed to impart the knowledge and skills required to reduce the risk of staff injury, improve the safety and care of patients/residents, and lead change in a way that is successful, sustainable, and most of all supported by the staff who are affected by it.

Visioning HealthCare has been accredited as a provider of continuing education for nurses since 2010 and offers:

  • Live webinars that provide the learner with an opportunity to interact with a subject matter expert
  • Online modules that enable the learner to study at a time convenient to them
  • In person workshops held at the learner’s workplace providing the opportunity to network in a way no other educational forum provides
  • Competency assessment and support in the clinical areas
  • Mentorship from national experts
  • Reflective practice that enables the learner to draw from their own experiences and identify their achievements and/or future learning needs