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Leading Effective Change

Leading Effective Change


This innovative program has been developed for healthcare leaders, whatever their professional background, who find themselves in a position of leading change within their healthcare facility. Over a period of ten months, participants will complete seven modules that are delivered through an assortment of in-person workshops, online webinars, and practical exercises.



What makes this program different from other change programs?

Leading Effective Change provides participants with a combination of knowledge and practical skills that takes them through the actual change journey. The leader begins by identifying the evidence based change he/she wishes to make, all the way through to implementing and evaluating it. The final module focuses on report writing and presentation skills, culminating in the participant presenting their project to their peers.

This program is suitable for: Clinical Nurse Leaders, Nurse Managers, Charge Nurses, Clinical Supervisors, Department Managers, Nurse Specialists, Clinical Educators, Clinical Directors, Magnet Practice Council Leaders and Members, Project Managers, Aspiring Change Agents



By the end of this program, the participant will be able to

  • Utilize research and best practice to identify an area for change
  • Identify the most appropriate leadership style for effective change
  • Understand the key elements  necessary to facilitate change
  • Integrate Evidence Based Practice into patient care (policies and procedures/clinical audit)
  • Discuss the expected challenges to change and strategies to overcome them.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the change and adapt accordingly
  • Deliver a presentation and write a report on their chosen change management project.

You can include up to 20 participants from your organization in the Leading Effective Change program at one time. They may be working on separate change projects, be small groups focusing on several small projects, or all part of the same change such as a Magnet focused project, a unit-based safe patient handling program or other major initiative.