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Clinical Nurse Leader

Clinical Nurse Leader

Even though the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader was introduced 8 years ago, there still remains some confusion about what the role is and what it is not.

The Clinical Nurse Leader is responsible for improving patient safety and clinical outcomes through leadership at the point of care delivery


Visioning HealthCare has developed a model for implementing the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader. The model, Transforming Practice, Transforming Care™, is composed of 6 elements: Leadership and Change, Interdisciplinary Relationships, Knowledge Transfer, Outcomes Management, Clinician at the Point of Care, and Professional Development. The first four elements of the model represent the areas of skill, knowledge and behavior required of the CNL in order to be an effective clinician in the fifth element, at the point of care. The sixth element is a thread interwoven between the previous 5 and represents the professional development of the individual CNL and those with whom he or she works.

We can work with you to integrate the role of the CNL in your organization, as well as provide support to the CNLs themselves through ongoing mentoring and workshops.

Whether the CNL role is new to you or you have already been met with some of the common challenges of this role, we can help you see the benefits of the CNL role on your patient safety and clinical care outcomes.

To read more from VHC's Heather Monaghan on the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader, check out Clarifying the Clinical Nurse Leader Role: Guardian of Care from American Nurse Today.